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Get inspired by this type of roofing for houses

Roof design is important both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. So while style is the first thing that comes to mind, don't lose sight of the importance of functionality, durability and strength on a roof. Would you like to know more about cover designs and their functionality? Don't miss out on this list of basic roof types!

1. GABLE ROOF The gable roof is the most common and is composed of two skirts that can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. This type of roof is very functional: easy to build, drains water well, facilitates ventilation, and adapts to most architectural designs.

2.- HIP ROOF The hipped roof is somewhat more complex and is usually made up of 4 inclined planes. Like the gable roof, it is quite popular but, unlike this one, it does not allow optimal ventilation. This type of cover offers better performance in areas with high winds.

3.- DUTCH COVER The Dutch roof is similar to a hip roof with a head at both ends of the house. This design provides easy access to the underside of the deck as well as adding natural light and extra space.

4.- MANSARD SKIRTED ROOF The roof with mansard and head skirts is more difficult to build than the gabled or gabled roof. Mansard skirts have a steeper slope than deck skirts, just like tame deck. This allows you to make better use of the interior space of the ceiling.

5.- FLAT ROOF Most flat roofs are not 100% flat, but are slightly sloped. This subtle incline allows the water to drain better.

6.- COVER TO A WATER The single-pitched roof is characterized by having a single roof skirt sloping to one side. This design is often used in extensions and with other roof styles.

7.- BUTTERFLY COVER The butterfly roof is a very modern and aesthetic design in which the roof skirts slope inwards. This type of roof provides a lot of light and ventilation, but it is problematic to drain rainwater.

8.- ROOF TO THE MANSARDA The Mansarda roof is a French design attributed to François Mansart that provides a lot of additional attic space. Each deck side is made up of a deck skirt and a mansard skirt. The steeper slope of the mansard skirts allows you to increase and optimize the space under the deck. 9.-ATTIC ROOF The attic roof is characterized by including attic windows to provide light and increase the existing space. Dormer windows (gabled, flat, etc.) protrude and create useful space outside the deck, as well as providing additional natural light.

10.- SAWTOOTH COVER The sawtooth roof or M-shaped roof is a roof composed of two or more gabled roofs.

As you can see, the types of roof are numerous and varied. These are just a few, but there are countless combinations.

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