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Dare to change the exterior of your home inspired by these styles

There are endless wonderful combinations that you can design for your home decoration. That is why we want to give you some advice according to current trends and help you make your decision. Without a doubt you should know that the colors of your house reflect the personality of those who inhabit it. Painting your house should be something fun, always thinking about functionality and good taste, here are some shades that you can use. Good luck!

1. Light shades.

Light tones say that they never go out of style, as they have always been present in many of the facades of homes and buildings. The sensations that these colors convey provide us with well-being and comfort as well as transmitting freshness and temperance. In addition, light tones help natural light to have more strength and favor the rooms with better lighting. Being basic tones, these colors can be combined in many ways, here we show you some of our favorite combinations.

How to combine them?

The earth tones are a good option for the combination of your home, you can use these colors to put them on the walls or paint some details such as doors, ceilings, blacksmithing, among others.

Neutral colors are also a great combination, they undoubtedly make your home look very comfortable and beautiful.

If bright colors are your thing, we also have a couple of proposals for you. Bright colors will undoubtedly add a plus to your home when combined with light colors.

In this type of colors it is advisable to use them in a subtle way, so that it has a greater impact. You can use them to paint a specific wall or to put more emphasis on some details, to generate a little contrast.

2. Gray tones.

If your taste leans towards the modern style, these colors can work, they will give you an interesting and spacious exterior. The color gray can be, for some people, a too serious, cold or boring color. But, contrary to popular belief, gray can bring balance and sophistication to spaces. In addition to admitting numerous combinations of colors, it is manifested in a wide range of shades, which will make your home a unique and special place.

You can achieve some combinations like:

Gray- on gray. You can make a mixture of two or three shades of gray to make a better contrast on the facade of your home.

The combination of gray and white is always a success. The mixture of these colors provides tranquility and peace, so it is recommended to create very aesthetic and sophisticated relaxation areas.

You can also try gray tones with touches of wood, it will look very sophisticated and modern.

Dark colors (here a dark gray) can also look especially nice with brick. Pay particular attention to the underlying brick or stone tones to ensure that the color you choose will blend harmoniously. Don't worry, here we also have different color proposals, we love the touches in neon tones in harmony with gray.

3. Dark shades.

Most people think that dark tones have a less favorable meaning on some occasions, however blacks have become an important color in exterior paint, as they show strength and avant-garde. Observe how varying with some other colors, you can make very interesting proposals and they will make your home look very formal, elegant and very stylish. Don't be afraid to experiment with these colors.

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